Breast Cancer Research Update on the TAYLORx Study which is largest-ever adjuvant breast cancer treatment trial identifying which patients can effectively use hormone therapy alone, avoiding the negative effects of chemotherapy.  This study was independently designed and conducted and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, with advocacy organizations playing a major direct role in the design, implementation, and funding of the trial.  With more than 10,000 women and 6 different countries, TAYLORx is the largest breast cancer treatment trial ever performed.


The study definitively identifies the 70% of women with early-stage, hormone receptor positive, HER-2 negative, node-negative breast cancer who do not benefit from chemotherapy and the 30% of those women for whom chemotherapy can be life-saving.  For all women with Recurrence Scores 26 to 100 regardless of age, there was a clear and large chemotherapy benefit.  In women younger than 50, those with Recurrence Scores 16 to 20 showed modest (2%) chemotherapy benefit, which gradually grew as scores increased up to and above 25.  This important finding reveals a new level of precision of chemotherapy benefit for younger patients that only the Oncotype DX test can provide.


With the TAILORx results every patient can be told with precision, their magnitude of chemotherapy benefit.