Our Story

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) is a 501(c)3, nonprofit volunteer organization located in San Antonio, TX, established in 1993 by three breast cancer survivors determined to take personal action in the fight against the disease.

Our Mission

To end breast cancer by assisting patients, informing health professionals and policymakers, and expanding knowledge through education and community outreach.


Our Vision

A world free of breast cancer.

Our Story


The Caregivers


Over the ensuing years, its members have devoted countless hours of their time (over 17,000 hours last year) to breast cancer issues. The following questions and challenges led to the establishment of the organization and its mission:

  • What if women received the assistance and guidance to get them through one of the most difficult challenges in their lives?
  • What if there were adequate funding for breast cancer research, treatment and screening?
  • What if the latest discoveries were applied right away to help reduce patient suffering and mortality?

Not Just the ABC’s, but the XYZ’s

ABCF is a nonprofit breast cancer organization that not only sheds light on the ABC’s of breast cancer through education, outreach and patient assistance but also advocates for legislation at both state and federal levels to end the disease. Please join. ABCF, a member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), runs a grassroots advocacy program to eradicate the presence of breast cancer in our society. Our efforts are to:

  • Increase funding for breast cancer research.
  • Promote research into the cause, cure and prevention of breast cancer.
  • Improve access to high-quality screening, diagnosis and treatment for all women.
  • Increase the involvement of those living with breast cancer in research and legislation.

We are accomplishing this through the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Patient Advocate Program, Action Network, PAIR, Team Leadership Training, PROJECT LEAD and the NBCC Annual Advocacy Training Conference.

Key Programs and Activities

  • Patient Advocate Program: Component of the Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
  • Community Outreach: Educational Seminars, Health Fairs, Helpline and Patient Assistance, including funding of mammograms and follow-up tests for uninsured and underinsured women
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Legislative Advocacy: State and Federal Legislative Initiatives