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Do you have advanced breast cancer: You may qualify for a clinical trial for a potential new treatment

Entinostat, an oral investigational drug, has been shown to inhibit breast cancer in preclinical studies and has shown encouraging data in a randomized phase II study.

What does the study involve?

If you choose to enroll in this study you will be assigned by chance (randomized) to one of two study groups:

  • Group A will receive exemestane + entinostat
  • Group B will receive exesmestane + placebo (an inactive pill)


Who can participate?

  • Trial is open to pre,peri-, and postmenopausal women and all men with hormone receptor positive and/or progesterone receptor-positive breast cancer that cannot be removed by surgery (locally advanced) or has spread (metastasized) to another part of the body.
  • Patients will not be eligible if they are HER2-positive.


Learn more about who qualifies and find trial locations near you:

1800-422-6237 or

NCI National Clinical Trials Network