Dedicated to Elizabeth (Bitsy) Brumage

Elizabeth Willis Brumage 1948 – 2006

Elizabeth (Bitsy) Willis Brumage’s breast cancer recurred in 1998. She was determined  to defeat the disease. She had her ups and downs, but it did not slow her down in continuing to lead a community effort to make this battle winnable. Bitsy and and her friends began exploring options for Bitsy in the form of a clinical trial. Bitsy realized that her best option would be to participate in a clinical trial because it would offer the cutting-edge treatment that might hold the key to beating her cancer and possibly helping others. It was difficult getting information, so Bitsy decided that she should help start an organization that informed patients about trials and helped promote trials available in the San Antonio community. Thus, San Antonio Clinical Trials Task Force was born. Bitsy helped mobilize 12 cancer organizations in San Antonio to come together to work toward this goal. Before her death Bitsy was working on providing a website so it would easier for patients to find information about clinical trial. We dedicate this site to Bitsy. Bitsy never wanted any recognition for her work. She worked tirelessly, selflessly and quietly and accomplished great feats. Bitsy has touched thousands of women through her volunteer work in breast cancer. She will continue to do so through the San Antonio breast cancer organizations she helped start and the women she inspired. Bitsy will be missed by the San Antonio cancer community and forever missed by all of us of who knew and loved her.